March/April 1999

The Wanderer.

I hear said; I have always wanted to travel to the south seas but, can't afford it.
What these people can't afford is not to go. They are enmeshed in the demands of security and in the worship
of security we fling our lives beneath the wheels of routine and before we know it our lives are gone. What does
a person really need; a few pounds of food each day heat and shelter, six feet to lie down in and some form of
working activity that will yield a sense of accomplishment. That's all in the material sense and we know it. But
we are brainwashed by our economic system until we end up entombed by a mountain of time-payments,
mortages, preposterous gadgetry and play-things that divert our attention from the sheer idiocy of the charade.
The years thunder by, the dreams of youth grow dim naked in the dust on the shelves of patience, before we
sense it the tomb is sealed.
Where then lies the answer? in choice!. Which shall it be, bankruptcy of purse, or bankruptcy of life.

Sterling Hayden.


Sailing with Captain Butler
Swim with Dolphins,
Mt. Manganui
Whakarewarewa Thermal Area
Geysers in Rotorua
Common Dolphin
Dolphins at the top of the boat
Paradise on Earth
Hiking in the 
Abel Tasman Ntl. Park
Fountain of Napier
Napier the Art Deco City,
by Night
Meeting with a Sealpuppy
Abel Tasman Ntl. Park
Top of the South Island
Farewell Spit
Sandy Beach at Wharariki Beach
Rock Formations at Wharariki Beach

Rafting the Shotover River
Whitewater Rafting at Queenstown

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