September 1997

Bodnath Stupa
Bodhnath Stupa eastern Katmandu-Valley
Meeting some Yak's...
Two Days after we met these Yaks in Gokyo
we crossed the Cho La Pass with 5400m
the highest point of the Gokyo Trek
Trekking Permit
Namche Bazar 3300m
Namche Bazar in the Sagarmatha
National Park.
Friday, 12 September 1997
Today we walked from Namche Bazar to Dole which is at an altitude of 4048 meters. On our way we crossed a valley so we had to go up and down 500 meters or more.  The whole day we've been walking in mist without any view on the surrounding mountains - "Blindflug". Our way led through a Rhododendren-Forest with mosses hanging down the trees so the vegetation reminded me of Gomeras "Nebelwald". The norwegian couple changed their plans so now they are following us on our way to Gokyo. In the evening everybody had a headache and low appetite.  We ate our dinner in the kitchen sitting around the open fireplace. By night the fog cleared up so we could see the tremendous mountains around in the enchanting light of the moon.
View on Mt. Everest and Lhotse
from a hill near Khumjung

Me and Mt. Everest
Finally we saw them all:
Mt. Everest, Lhotse and Ama Dablan

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