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Quebec & Atlantic Provinces

August 2000

Everything started with a chaotic flight towards Canada with ...
no longer my first choice Airline ...

to meet this wonderful girl -Julie- to go travelling with
Julie in Forillion Ntl. Parc

The trip started in Ottawa/Hull where Julie showed me around
modern arcitecture reflecting old style buildings
Multicultural city with modern arcitecture (top)
On parliament hill I met my first mountie (right)
The mountie and me ...
From Legoland in Montreal to wonderful Quebec-City
Chateau Frotenac in Quebec
Quebec - lovely, beautiful, historic, simply a great place !!!
There's a little boy in every man
On the way along the St. Lawrence Stream we stopped at some more or less interesting spots
in between the statues ... strange statues

Some of these statues are carved out of big logs of 
driftwood, others are made of concrete. According
to the artist they are showing different types of 
canadian people like for example the traditional inuit 
on the picture above in front. Depending on the tide
you can either walk between the statues or look at
them standing in the water - but don't ask me for
the meaning or interpretation of this ...

Whalewatching in Forillion Ntl. Park - its so amazing !!!
Humpback whale diving apart from these humpback's we've also seen fin whales
Impressions from the Gaspe Peninsula to Nova Scotia
Eole in Cap Chat
The biggest vertical axis Windmill in the world
The famous rock with his hole
Roche Perce

Do they really exist ?

Flower Pot Rock's
we haven't seen any
Typical view on the atlantic Provinces

From New Zealand to Canada - the Traveller Team
Julie and Me in Montreal

Some of Julies pictures from the ultimate adventure hiking trip on the tip of Nova Scotia

Ben and me on the first and easiest day
Ben and Julie - wet but still optimistic !
Moose skull next to the ATV-Track
Finally at the campsite after more than twelve hours of hiking

Julie in Parc Forillion - she's really someone special

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