Kanuing down the Altmuehl

Bavarias slowest running stream...

Pfingsten 29.-31.5.2004

Altmuehl Paddel Tour
Barbecue at the campsite with Daniela, Anja, Holger and me

Altmuehl Paddel Tour
Bootsrastplatz Hammermühle

Altmuehl Paddel Tour
Start in Treuchtlingen - enough luggage for a freighter

Altmuehl Paddel Tour
On the way to Eichstädt and further to Gungolding

29.5 Treuchtlingen - Hammermühle: 22.0 km
30.5 Hammermühle - Eichstätt : 24.3 km
31.5 Eichstätt - Gungolding : 16.7 km

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